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BFI Company History

Company History


Our beginnings

It was at the beginning of 2010 due to the over promising and under delivering of the companies tasked with the development of our company new website, that we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop our own online solution internally. With a steep learning curve we set about this task and with-in 3 months we had ultimately achieved what we had envisioned initially with a sense of satisfaction.


Responsive web design

With the remainder of 2010 we found ourselves faced with numerous enquiries from family, friends and business associates all wanting a clean minimal multi device responsive website solution. It was around this time that responsive web design and Adobe Business Catalyst were at the cutting edge of web development, all due to the rise of all the new devices with all with different screen resolutions that we all used to interact with the ever growing global web. We had indeed stumbled on to something new and exciting and we were now the flavour of the month...


More and more clients

2011 saw a massive growth spirt in our core business due directly to our adoption and close synergy with Adobe Business Catalyst, which ultimately lead to the expansion of the business with the introduction of our Business Catalyst templating site that provided cost effective, high quality responsive web based solutions to Business Catalyst Partners globally. These solutions included traditional business, portfolio, ecommerce style site templates that were ready to go...


Agency clients

With the introduction of the new ``Google Responsive Algorithm``, the end of 2012 saw all websites that were not developed with the use of media queries that insure the website automatically resizes dependant upon the its screens resolution would see there hard earned ``Search Engine Rankings`` plummet. It was during this chaos that we were engaged by multipule agency clients to deliver responsive solutions for there clients.


A new direction

With Adobe's severe lack of development and investment in Business Catalyst over the past 4 years coupled with its poor decision to abandon the platform and announce its decision of ``End of Life`` of this once great platform we decided to take our web based business model in a new positive direction with awesome results!


BFI today

Burning Flame Interactive is made up of a creative team of talented individuals thats are up to date with all the new industry design trends & cutting edge technologies & are all passionate about what they do. We love to create visually stunning design, coupled with leading edge industry technologies with the view of future proofing your online solution. If theres a better way... then we will find it. It doesn’t mater if your project is big or small... your vision is important to us. It is through discovery & collaboration processes that we find a solution to suit you & your business.</p> <p>At Burning Flame Interactive we believe in developing a long term business relationship with our clients, this is demonstrated by the simple fact that we are there when you need us... We support what we do.